Rent control in West Hollywood

Renters' rights in West Hollywood can be best delineated by three sections. One governs maximum allowable rent, while the eviction code enumerates specific reasons why a tenant can be evicted. To make it interesting, the eviction code includes a subsection that attempts to define what types of menacing actions by landlords could rise to the level of an illegal attempt to get a tenant to vacate the unit (Harassment Code).

The first algebraic equation to solve is whether your building is subject to regulations. Rent control applies to properties with more than one dwelling unit that received their original Certificate of Occupancy before July 1, 1979. It also applies to properties with only one dwelling unit whose original Certificate of Occupancy was issued before July 1, 1979, and whose current tenants moved in before January 1, 1996. Yet, there are some properties that are covered only by the Ordinance's Eviction and Harassment Sections. 

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