Permanent rent control measures enacted in unincorporated Los Angeles Communities


Click the image for full PDF that identifies unincorporated areas.


Rent caps are tied to inflation, tenants cannot be evicted without just cause.

Los Angeles County Supervisors have crafted a permanent version of tenant protections. Rent increases will be tethered to the annual change in the regional CPI index, a fluctuating metric that currently hovers around 3%.

Moreover, the ordinance prohibits arbitrary evictions by spelling out just cause reasons. 

The measure was inked hours apart from the Senate approving AB 1482, a bill that imposes rent caps and eviction controls statewide beginning January 1, 2020.

While state and local law overlap, the county’s ordinance will take precedence when the cap is lower than the state maximum. Barring an epidemic of inflation, you can expect more protective local rent caps to apply.

Also, the state measure will apply to newer buildings than are allowed under the county ordinance. On a more positive note for landlords, the ordinance recognizes that owners should have the opportunity to receive a fair rate of return on their property and allows them to seek capital pass-throughs for costs such as roof repairs or other capital improvement projects.

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