Eviction services

Maybe you have problematic tenants who are not paying rent, are chronically late, or are engaging in nuisance behavior. Perhaps the owner wants to move into the property they just purchased, or are looking to sell a property vacant - we know that a vacant unit will sell for more money than one that is tenant occupied. Still other landlords want to permanently remove units from the rental market or do a condo conversion.

Whatever the motivation to transition occupants out of the rental unit, MT Evictions can assist and ensure that all of the procedural requirements are followed.


Tenant buyout agreements

In a tenant buyout, the tenant agrees to voluntarily vacate the premises in exchange for compensation, a rent waiver, return of the security deposit, or any number of incentives.

A tenant buyout agreement may be prudent when there is no other legal or convenient theory to evict, or when the tenant or his or her attorney delays an eviction with smoke and mirrors.

For many landlords hamstrung by local eviction moratoriums, tenant buyouts are one of the few options available to accomplish a vacancy.


Recouping rent debt in small claims court

It used to be that landlords could only go to small claims court for rent debt under $10,000. Large landlords were shut out of small claims courts because no more than two actions could be brought in a year.

Under new laws designed to address the economic fallout of the pandemic, small claims courts no longer have these restrictions.

MT Evictions can add tremendous value by building your case, filing and serving the requisite paperwork, and preparing you for your day in court.



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