Future proof your rental business. Think smartly and strategically about your investment property by partnering with the allies of landlords.

Don't let our name fool you. Although our office handles a large caseload of evictions, MT Evictions provides a full suite of time-saving services to optimize your investment, cauterize risk, and stay compliant with the law.

Drafting compliant rental agreements with the terms that you or your clients need in a complicated regulatory regime.
Too often, landlords use startle, outdated, and bad leases downloaded from the Internet. Please don’t make this mistake and work with a team that understands local drafting requirements.

Rent increases
If the property is subject to statewide rent control (AB 1482), annual increases can be raised by 5% plus the change in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) or 10%, whichever amount is lower. Since we are in a period of rampant inflation, the 10% rent cap applies. Yet many local jurisdictions have set their own limits on how much and how often rents can be raised. Avoid the consequences of improper rent increases by consulting with MT Evictions first.

Credit checks
We believe in working ourselves out of a job. MT Evictions provides solutions to landlords with problematic tenants, but many issues we encounter can be avoided by selecting the right rental applicant. Avoid the risk of costly evictions, property damage, and the safety of neighboring tenants by using us to screen prospective renters thoroughly.

Tenant buyout agreements
Evictions are not like a Lakers or Dodgers game where one side wins and the other side loses. Sometimes, the best course of action is for the tenant to leave voluntarily, in exchange for compensation, a rent waiver, a return of the security deposit, or some mixture of incentives. More than “cash for keys,” a tenant surrender of possession agreement removes liability because the tenant agrees not to sue the landlord – there is a complete surrender of claims.

Drafting and service of notices
MT Evictions can prepare compliant legal notices to tenants, but it must be notified by personal service, substituted service, or by posting and mailing. We have this covered. In most cases, several notices must be served but this is bundled into our pricing.

Responding to correspondence
Commonly, rental property owners will receive letters from government officials, tenants, or the tenant’s legal counsel. This correspondence can seem intimidating and overwhelming, but MT Evictions can respond in the most professional, thoughtful manner with the interests of our clients in mind.

Residential evictions
Eviction is a legal process with a carefully choreographed series of steps to follow. While non-payment of rent is the bulk of evictions we do, the tenant can be a nuisance or violate other terms of the lease. Sometimes, the tenant can be transitioned out of the rental unit through no fault of their own.

Commercial evictions
In the eyes of the law, businesses are considered to be savvier and more sophisticated than residential tenants and so there are fewer legal protections when we deal with commercial tenancies. Yet there are many nuances best approached with a team well-versed in breaches of the lease.

Recouping rent debt in small claims court
Prior to COVID, we would start eviction actions for one, two, or three months of rent owed. Every now and then, we would encounter clients who had $10K in rent debt and our first gut reaction was, “why were you sleeping behind the wheel so long?” Enter the pandemic. With eviction moratoriums, we routinely see rent debts that are 20, 30, 50, and 75 thousand dollars or more. This mountain of rent debt can be recovered in civil courts.


had a tenant who didn't want to leave and because I've never been through an eviction process I've decided to go with the experts so I talked to Paulina, and during my initial interview she was very thorough on explaining to me what could potentially happen  during the process.

Thanks for the great coaching and tips provided by Mt evictions I am  grateful for finding this team of professionals.  you all kick some @$$  for being so thorough with follow-ups I am impressed and you all getting a plus for that.

in my case I went to court The tenant pointed out pics that were not even related to my house, but luckily for me I keep everything well documented  and was able to prove otherwise.

I hope i never have to go through an eviction process again but if I do will come again.

I highly recommend this group of hard-working women.

~ Elias P., West Covina, CA

When you hire MT Evictions, you are purchasing results.  Simple as that.

As an eager first-time homeowner, my friend ended up with a beautiful home, but it still had tenants in it.  In order to cut costs, my friend negotiated an evacuation date with the tenants, a negotiation that lasted for six months.  They finally reached an agreement, but in a world full of loopholes, chutes and ladders, the tenants found a way to stay in the residence much longer than that.

After hearing his story, I recommended him over to this company.  Within two weeks, Paulina and her team were able to get the tenants out.  This company is efficient, professional, sharp and reliable.  They really understand that owners lose money for every month their properties are being occupied.  They're not here to play tug-of-war with your property.  They're here to help.

I would definitely recommend their services to anyone who needs it.  They get the job done when most other eviction companies can't.

~ Diego P., Bell Gardens, CA



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