Evicting tenants is one of the most trying and thankless, but necessary tasks of landlording. MT Evictions can make this process easier.

Eviction is a process of carefully choreographed legal steps that must be followed to the letter. The documentation is specialized, proper notice must be served, and deadlines are unforgiving. Any procedural missteps can result in losing your case. When you miss rent payments or experience friction in your rental units, call upon the trusted pros.

Start the process
Given the unique circumstances of your case, we can provide informed guidance on how to best proceed with your case and achieve your real estate goals.


Learn rent and eviction controls
Our foremost goal is to empower you with the knowledge and insights you need to make the most informed decisions.



Much more than eviction. We help landlords power through all of their challenges.

Our full suite of services helps landlords maximize rental income and stay compliant in a challenging regulatory regime.

Preparing lease/rental agreements

We can customize an ironclad rental agreement that clearly spells out the rights and responsibilities of all parties.

Service of process

We have a cadre of certified process servers in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California who are ready to serve the requisite paperwork.

Tenant screening

Quick, reliable information to make the most informed leasing decisions based on your applicant's financial standing.

Small claims

When runaway tenants break the lease or damage the property, we can help you get your day in court to recoup the money owed.



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