Small claims courts have been unshackled. They can now hear cases when the rent debt is over $10,000 and there is no longer a limit on the number of claims that could be filed.

Expecting a deluge of civil lawsuits over rent debt that has accrued during the long, dark winter of COVID, lawmakers have expanded the authority of small claims courts.


You can litigate rent debt of any amount in small claims court, but small claims can be considered a "kangaroo court."

Don't think that just because the tenant owes you rent, it is a slam dunk case and you automatically win. Tenants can make all kinds of allegations and defend against what you thought was a guaranteed judgment.

MT Evictions will gather all of the evidence in a tidy, easily digestible format, serve a proper and final demand for rent to the tenant, and file the small claims case using one of our process servers.

Come "game day," we can also coach you on what to say. We can's guarantee an outcome but we can ensure that you are prepared and avoid common pitfalls plaintiffs make.



 If you have multiple tenants you'd like to bring to small claims court, file them all on the same day so that you can get the same court date, schedule permitting.



FYI - you cannot be represented by an attorney in small claims court unless the defendant appeals.

You can do the next best thing by coming to court prepared with an ironclad case, three copies of the paperwork (one for you, one for the defendant, and one for the judge), and having a guided script that optimizes your chances of prevailing.

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