Pasadena approves moratorium on evictions in stopgap measure ahead of AB 1482

Many municipalities had the foresight that landlords might go on a rent hiking binge before statewide rent caps and eviction controls went into effect. This created a rush to pass emergency ordinances designed to prevent arbitrary evictions until California implements AB 1482 statewide.

Pasadena has joined this growing wave by passing a stopgate ordinance that both prohibits no-cause evictions on housing that will be subject to AB 1482 and limits rent hikes at the level included in statewide legislation, a topic we covered here. Essentially, rent is capped at 5% plus CPI, or 10%, whichever amount is lower. 

Pasadena’s interim ordinance also rolls back rent to March 15 levels for tenants facing a pending eviction.

You can read the ordinance here, or for more context, check out this article at Pasadena Now.