When rental relationships fail, MT Evictions is the landlord's ally.

One of the most thankless and trying, but necessary duties of a landlord is evicting tenants. In the unfortunate event landlord-tenant relationships collapse, you can rely on us to effectuate a legal transition of the tenant out of the unit. 

Eviction consists of carefully choreographed steps. Documents are specialized, deadlines are unforgiving, and the law must be followed to the letter. Leave no stone unturned and avoid pitfalls by consulting with Southern California's trusted eviction professionals now to avoid vexing problems down the road. 

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Servicing residential and commercial property owners in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, including rent-controlled jurisdictions with ensconced tenant protections. Our team of attorneys, process servers, court runners, case managers, and office staff look forward to resolving your eviction matter as cost-effectively and timely as possible, with the least complications.




A proper legal eviction starts here

In an era when the legal system and political rhetoric often falls squarely on the side of tenants, MT Evictions will advocate for the rights of property owners. Call 323-697-3077 or share your details online.

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