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Long Beach Tenant Relocation Assistance Ordinance finalized

It's with little surprise that the Long Beach City Council, by a 6-3 margin, formalized its approval of the Tenant Relocation Assistance Ordinance, effectively capping rent increases at 10% in older buildings and limiting the ability of landlords to terminate tenancies.

The ordinance mandates substantial relocation assistance fees when tenants decide to move when the landlord increases rent 10% or more, and when tenants are evicted through no fault of their own.

For more background, consult this article.

Culver City eyeing rent control policies

In a Monday, June 24th City Council meeting, Culver City will become the latest Southern California community to weigh in on rent control as it contemplates a possible freeze on rent increases.

In anticipation of the meeting, our friends at the California Apartment Association are hosting a town hall on Thursday, June 20th sy 6:00 P.M. at the Culver City Rotary Plaza - you can download the event flyer here.

LA County votes to prohibit landlords from discriminating against Section 8 tenants

Landlords cannot deny tenancies solely because the applicant is the recipient of a Section 8 voucher or other rental subsidies. That according to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

MT Evictions hastens to say that other reasons to turn down applicants - a blemished rental history, for example, can be cited, but when it comes to this type of communication, less is more.

In Inglewood, the suspense is over as the city caps rent at 5 percent

Amid a flurry of growth and economic prosperity in Inglewood, a temporary rent cap yields to a more permanent measure, as City Council prohibits rent increases over 5 percent annually. Exceptions apply and in some cases, the ceiling will be 8 percent.

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