Inglewood renters convince City Council to usher in permanent rent and eviction controls, argue that the new state law doesn’t have enough teeth.

Amid a development boom that has pushed rents upward, Inglewood residents have successfully lobbied for a long-term rent control policy. The Inglewood City Council has capped annual rent increases at 3%, or CPI, whichever is greater. 

The Housing Protection Initiative also create a per-unit fee of up to $168, though half of that is eligible for a pass-through. While it had the chance to tinker with landlording rules, the city availed the opportunity to impose “just cause” eviction policies that mirror most but not all of those contained in statewide eviction controls that will go into effect January 1, 2020. 

Inglewood is just one of many cities that have given preemptive relief to renters before AB 1482 becomes the law of the land and enacted rent controls that are more “protective” than state law.

The $2 million program designed to administer the ordinance will sunset in five years.

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