UPDATE – Inglewood City Council approves rent ordinance

Indeed, City Council unanimously approved a permanent ordinance capping rental increases at 5% for the vast majority of rental housing units.

Some owners may have a little wiggle room to raise the rent - an 8% rent hike may be permissible when there are long periods of time when the landlord keeps rent below 80% of the median price. Rents would again be capped at 5% after reaching market rates. Improvements to the building costing $10,000 or more would also qualify for an 8% rent increase.

Inglewood's "just cause" eviction protections are triggered after two years of tenancy. Absent a just cause, landlords are mandated to doll out relocation fees equivalent to three months' rent.

Inglewood's growth begets calls for expanded rent control

Soon to be home to the $4.9 billion Los Angeles Stadium, the growing epicenter of Inglewood has seen rents creep up, leading the city to impose a 45-day moratorium on rent hikes above 5 percent and in an unprecedented step, Inglewood has prohibited evictions unless the tenant is engaged in criminal activity.

The emergency measure applies to apartment buildings, duplexes and other rental units built prior to February 1, 1995. Single-family homes and condos are exempt.

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