Culver City pursues 3% cap on rent increases, explores other tenants’ protections

We've seen this movie before, most recently in Inglewood.

An influx of tech companies and jobs always spawns calls for rent control, and Culver City has not defied this rule. Already a hub for studio film production, Culver City has become a prime destination for high tech and streaming Goliaths expanding their presence near Hollywood and L.A.’s “Silicon Beach.”

Burning the midnight oil, City Council recently voted 4-1 to move forward on implementing a temporary rent freeze of 3%, but also consider permanent caps on rent hikes. The city’s finalized ordinance will be up for a vote in August.

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If the council votes affirmative, the ordinance would have a retroactive effective date of June 24.

It doesn’t stop there.

Culver City is also flirting with a “just cause” eviction requirement and relocation payment schemes - the council asked staff to conduct further research. A popular idea floating is relocation assistance of $1,000 and three months’ rent, though nothing is yet carved in stone.

City personnel will also look into how to implement a rent registry and assemble a committee to review further regulations.

Of course, the landlord allies of MT Evictions stand ready to assist owners in Culver City and throughout Southern California survive and thrive in a challenging regulatory regime.