Rent control in the most famous zip code in the world

Beverly Hills Municipal Code Section 4-5-6 affects most rental properties in the city with two or more dwellings, and one of our main takeaways is that the city wants transparency.

Landlords must contend with a complex set of rules relating to the registration of their units and tenant rights must be communicated and acknowledged in writing before the commencement of the rental relationship.

Rent increases can only be made once in a 12-month period and then, only at 3% or the annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the Los Angeles area. Based on this inflation barometer, Beverly Hills landlords can use a 4% standard effective July of 2019. Of course, rent increases in any locale must be properly served, and MT Evictions can assist.

Tenants in Beverly Hills can be evicted with or without “just cause” with 60 days notice, but landlords who displace tenants without a just cause should expect to doll out relocation payments to provide a financial cushion for the uprooted tenant.

These no-fault evictions might include situations where the owner or a close relative wants to occupy the rental unit for their own use. Under an Ellis Act eviction, tenants can be transitioned out because of the owner's desire to demolish the building or withdraw it from the rental market, again considered a no-fault eviction triggering relocation payments.

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