Bell Gardens adopts emergency Ordinance NO. 900-U, establishing interim rent control measures for a 45-day period

Owners of multi-family properties citywide will be constrained by a rent increase cap of 3% above monthly rent and cannot raise the rent more than once in a 12-month period. Under the new ordinance, landlords are also prohibited from evicting tenants without enumerated just causes.

This was the outcome of a City Council meeting convened on October 28, as lawmakers kicked the can down the road to develop more permanent rent control measures. Although the interim ordinance expires December 11, 2019, the city has the option of extending the ordinance in excess of 10 months.

It's notable that Bell Gardens is setting off on its own path in crafting its own newfangled rules, rather than deferring to statewide rent caps and eviction controls that will go into effect January 1, 2019. In doing so, Bell Gardens hasn't jumped on the bandwagon of many locales that enacted stopgap measures that essentially usher in statewide protections earlier than anticipated.

For more background and discussion, view the agenda on the city's website.