We are the allies of landlords.

It seems that throughout the long, dark winter of COVID, politicians got together to protect the rights of tenants, but little was done to protect the rights of rental property owners. That’s the domain of MT Evictions.




Looking to evict a tenant? We do that. But don't let our name fool you. We can do much more.

Taking a concierge approach, we provide a full suite of services designed to help landlords protect their investment, recoup rent debt, and power through their real estate challenges.

Eviction Services

For whatever reason, you want a tenant gone. But eviction involves a carefully choreographed series of legal steps. Documents and notices are specialized, deadlines are unforgiving, and regulations are so maddening, you want to pull out your hair.

Leave the details to us so that you finally say, “hit the road, Jack” in full compliance with the law.



Tenant Buyout Agreements

In some jurisdictions like Los Angeles, landlords have few options to evict. Yet there is no government edict that prevents landlords and tenants from entering into a proper, legal, and enforceable tenant buyout agreement whereby occupants move out voluntarily.

The added benefit is that the tenant releases all liability arising from the tenancy.


Actions in small claims court

Expecting a flood of civil lawsuits to recoup COVID-related rent debt, lawmakers expanded the powers of small claims courts. We can help build your case, handle all the paperwork, and coach you on how to optimize your chances for success come your day in court.

Yet a judgment is a piece of paper - MT Evictions can also assist in collecting this debt.




Membership comes
with perks

For a nominal investment, you can have unlimited access to our informed advice. That's right - you can call upon us whenever you have a dispute with a tenant and we will evaluate your options in the course of an informative phone call. But the benefits don't stop there.


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Events that keep our community

We are committed o educating the rental property industry on an ever-changing set of state laws, local ordinances, and government edicts. While we prefer to speak in person, we have gotten used to the new normal of online meetings.

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You are the King or Queen of your castle. Get it back.

In the course of an initial consultation, MT Evictions will help you understand your options and suggest a course of action to recover possession of the rental unit. Let’s dive in.

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