We are The allies of landlords

When rental relationships fail, we effectuate a proper, legal transition of the tenant with minimal hassle and expense.




When you encounter problematic tenants, please don't let the situation enlarge.

From our experience, many rental property owners are conflict avoiders and would rather kick the can down the road in hopes that the dispute will resolve itself. We dissuade our clients against this wishful thinking and remind them that since an eviction action typically takes 6-8 weeks, a landlord can potentially be out of several months of rent if they don't take action now. 



Are you prepared for California statewide rent control?

MT Evictions can help you understand a new set of rules and reconcile your local laws with rent caps and eviction controls that will soon blanket the state.



Recent videos for rental housing providers


Common Reasons Lanlords Lose Eviction Actions

Properly Raising Rents in Southern California



Rent and eviction control guide

Rent and eviction control is creatures of ordinances enacted by local ordinances and while there are oftentimes similarities, the rules are vastly different by municipality. MT Evictions knows the lay of the land and we've summarized the ordinances here.





Now is not the time to go it alone.

Eviction is a process of carefully choreographed legal steps that must be followed to the letter. The documentation is specialized, proper notice must be served, and deadlines are unforgiving. Any procedural missteps can result in losing your case. When you miss rent payments or experience friction in your rental units, call the trusted pros.


Legal Alerts

In an era when political rhetoric oftentimes falls squarely on the side of tenants, there are hundreds of proposals that stand to upset the applecart. Whether under the dome of the Capitol or in City Halls, MT Evictions is dedicated to keeping you up to date on new laws and regulations that impact the rental housing industry.

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Rent control and eviction rules can be complex, but we are always happy to come to your office to do a meet and greet and provide a presentation to your team members on how to legally transition tenants out a rental unit.

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"Thank you MTE for your patience, time, and knowledge! This was a new and scary experience for me and my family. We had to evict someone after a loved one passed and MT Eviction was so kind and respectful and they took care of everything pertaining to the eviction.I Highly recommend them, who ever you have from their team will do an awesome job!!!"

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