Non-paying or problematic tenants? We can help remove them so that you regain control of your property.

Don't lose your eviction case because of errors. Work with a team that understands state and local requirements to legally transition a tenant out of the rental unit. 

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What you get by working with the landlord allies:


Don't make costly mistakes that will delay the eviction. We help you avoid common pitfalls.


Our clients are always in the know. We keep you informed of the status of the case every step of the way.


We are highly accessible. Just book an appointment and you get our undivided attention.

Personal Approach

No two evictions are the same. We'll suggest the best course of action based on the unique details of your case.


From start to finish

We handle all aspects of the eviction action. If the case goes to trial, we can introduce you to attorneys.

Straight forward pricing

When we determine a course of action, you'll know what your investment is. No surprise pricing, ever.


There is a patchwork of local ordinances, state laws, and eviction moratoriums. We understand the nuances.

Attention to Detail

Notice requirements are specialized, timelines are unforgiving, and there are many procedural requirements to follow.



Membership comes with perks

For a small investment, you have ongoing guidance related to the rental property you or your clients own or manage. Call upon us whenever the need arises and engage with a growing community of like-minded real estate professionals looking to learn landlording rules and how to best manage landlord-tenant relationships..

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Our Promise

We mean what we say and say what we mean.

Our goal is NEVER to enlarge a dispute. It is to resolve the dispute as cheaply, quickly, and hassle-free as possible, taking into account time, risk and fees.



You are the King or Queen of your castle. Get it back.

In the course of an initial consultation, MT Evictions will help you understand your options and suggest a course of action to recover possession of the rental unit. Let’s dive in.

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